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Entering Counselling


The thought of coming to counselling can seem a very daunting prospect for many, being it the unknown or how you may perceive the counselling process as a whole. As your counsellor I can offer you a professional, warm, confidential, trustworthy, empathic, non-judgmental, safe space to explore your thoughts and feelings openly with a sense of freedom. As my client, I will at all times support you on your journey in whichever way it takes you. As people we are individuals and experience challenges differently, by working with me as your counsellor, I am able to accept you for you as the unique person you are. Together we can explore your potential and capacity to grow towards building resilience and hope.


The sessional time is an opportunity to collaborate together. We can use this time, to work freely through talk or with a creative approach, there is no specific right way. Engaging and growing as part of the counselling process is truly a unique individual experience.

It is important you feel comfortable working with me as your counsellor. This is why there is no obligation to agree to any set amount of sessions, during our time together. You have total autonomy in deciding how many sessions you feel you need. With this in mind, it is important to understand counselling is a process over time. The length of time varies, depending on level of engagement and complexities of what may be presented. The first session is an opportunity for me to understand the challenges and difficulties you are experiencing in the world around you.

I trust, that you are able to trust yourself in knowing, if I am the right counsellor for you.

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