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Experience to Date



Just Being Counselling - Present

Offering Therapeutic Counselling to clients who seek face to face counselling privately.

Online Kooth Counsellor - Present

Supporting young people throughout the UK, to have their autonomy to explore their feelings and thoughts on a safe and anonymous online platform

Xenzone, Powys Secondary Schools Counselling Service - Present

Offering face to face counselling in secondary schools based in Powys. I work with young people from the ages of 12 - 17 years old. Allowing them the opportunity to experience therapeutic  counselling in a safe environment to explore the difficult challenges they may be experiencing.

The Almond Tree Counselling Service - Previous

My role was to provide therapeutic counselling for the local community on an array of presenting issues brought by clients between the ages of 10 years old +. Such issues can range from anxiety, depression, grief and loss, low self worth, lack of confidence and deep trauma from past experiences, etc. 

Place 2 Be - Cardiff Primary Schools - Previous

I was a Volunteer Counsellor offering Therapeutic Counselling to children through creative play and expression. Presenting issues could can range from, low self-worth, grief and loss, bullying, anger, attachment disorders and experiences of trauma.

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